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Setup at a conference hall to downlink and project a remote presentation.

Broadcasters are not the only ones who use satellite services to deliver video. We see a growing demand for connecting multiple venues over satellite, for example, corporate events and conferences.

Remote presentations

In recent years, we have fulfilled an increasing number of orders for delivering or receiving live presentations to be projected on screens at conferences, corporate events and academic meetings. Much value is added to the event by having VIPs who cannot attend in person deliver their presentation via satellite.
We can also prepare a 2-way audio path in parallel with the 1-way video path. This makes it possible to have a live Q&A session between doctors performing surgical procedures in their own operation room and hundreds of viewers in a remote audience.

Thanks to the Internet, video conference systems can be prepared and operated easily and at lower costs than ever. However, when speaking of projecting a video enlarged to the size of a banquet room wall for hundreds of participants to view, no format other than broadcast quality video delivered over the appropriate infrastructure can retain the visual detail and reality. Indeed, images not meeting these standards might even detract from an otherwise convincing presentation.

Example: Multinational product announcements

As part of a show in Europe hosted by a global fashion brand, a sub-event was also held in Shibuya, Tokyo. Presentations from the main venue in Europe and images of the fashion show were shot and delivered to Shibuya in high definition 3D. During the event, we provided all satellite services in the Tokyo venue; from installing a temporary dish antenna, receiving and decoding the video and feeding it to the 3D projector.

Recording clips and rushes

WARD also provides services for downlinking and recording video on request.

In recent years, ENGs are using FTP over the Internet more often to transfer clips and rushes when urgency is less a priority.
However, using satellites for video delivery still has certain advantages, such as simultaneously delivering to multiple recipients with minimal delay and quality loss.

In addition to these services, we also coordinate video paths and provide whatever is needed for events where the origin is outside of Japan.
Please feel free to contact us concerning any demands you have.

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