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An array of dish antennas installed at Osaka University.

In WARD's twenty year history, we have installed numerous dish antennas with diameters of a few meters or more. Our clients include multinational corporations who utilize satellite to distribute in-house programs, and universities that use foreign language programs as learning materials, etc.

Aiming at satellites at lower elevations demands skill to avoid terrestrial interference and signals from neighboring satellites. This is a task which requires knowledge not common among antenna installers who work only with domestic satellites.


VSAT installation and operation for foreign legations in Japan

Using VSAT (a 2-way satellite communication system), a closed and secure network for voice, FAX, IP, etc. can be established without relying on third party support such as from telecom companies or ISPs. Foreign governments, for which availability and security is critical, often use VSAT to contact or link their legations situated in multiple continents.

WARD is experienced in providing installation and maintenance services for such networks.

Installation of downlink system for the London Olympics

During the London Olympics in the summer of 2012, images of the games were screened at a showroom owned by a broadcast equipment manufacturer in Tokyo. However, the contents displayed here were not identical to programs on any channel available to the general public. These contents—originally multiple channels with raw HD images including one in 3D—were distributed via satellite only to rights holders. As one who had purchased the right, the equipment manufacturer received the video, edited it in their studio, and presented it in their showroom to demonstrate and promote their video equipment.

For the reception of these programs, WARD installed a temporary antenna and provided maintenance throughout the period of the Olympics.

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