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Ward SNG

More than just an SNG...

In 2011, WARD's SNG traveled from the northernmost island of Hokkaido to Kagoshima on the southern tip of the main island of Japan.

WARD has the only SNG in Japan equipped with two sets of paired encoders, two sets of paired IRDs, ready to establish multiple signal paths simultaneously from a single truck at any time. Serving two or more clients at a single venue is a routine part of our daily operation.

In addition to basic transmitting and receiving, our SNG is also ready for simple production with a video switcher and multi-monitor on board, supporting HD or SD, NTSC or PAL, digital or analog video. Equipment to establish an IFB (phone) line to communicate with directors at remote locations is also in place.

Our heavyweight SNG is ready to serve all your needs, from top-level summits to one-man news reports.

Please also view examples on our Coordination page.

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